This is a very important revelation. So many startups have visions of Silicon Valley running around their heads. What they don’t realize is their applications are just part of a growing sea of noise.

What every company needs is customers. Creating them is not easy for a bootstrapped startup. However, the first thing that SHOULD come to mind is what existing platforms, companies, or networks already reach your desired customer. While it might even be a temporary exercise, it can build that momentum needed to get noticed.

Crossing the Chasm is another thing. Partnering for strategic customer reach can even make a product into a household name. Even an online service. Take for example Netflix. If not for BestBuy and OEM relationships like Samsung, it wouldn’t have the number of users it does today. Rapid growth has built more than just a following, it built scale that creates value and acts as a defensive tactical barrier to entry for would-be competitors. Apple TV, just didn’t get the traction; and in comparison, never had the level of distribution that Netflix had.

Just sayin